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A Perfect Match

While living in Oregon, Kaycie and Robb King used the Internet to find certified nurse-midwives and a hospital willing to support them in their quest for a natural childbirth. “We liked the security of Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital’s Level I Trauma Center and the willingness of staff to create an environment needed to reach and maintain deep relaxation,” Kaycie explains, “Initially, I was skeptical that they would follow our birth plan as closely as they said. But they stayed with it as much as was medically possible and monitored me along the way.”

Natural Childbirth

The King’s son, Isaac, was born after Kaycie labored for 15 hours using a birthing ball, water, movement, relaxation cues and music. IU Health’s Hypnobabies Childbirth Preparation Program provides these resources for labor. “The experience was amazing,” she says. “The Hypnobabies program taught me how to enter a deep state of meditation, which helped me relax and feel in control.”

Fathers are Pivotal

Today, fathers play a big role in helping moms remain calm. Steve and Joanna Sellars are part of three generations of babies born at IU Health Methodist Hospital, each with a unique story. The Sellars’ first child was born with an epidural for mom’s pain, while their second arrived with the aid of a certified nurse-midwife, no anesthesia and a husband for a coach.

“The first time, I felt like a spectator to my son’s birth,” Steve recalls. “But we used the Hypnobabies method with our second, and I was a partner through the entire process.”

A Personal Decision

Although there is no way to tell what labor will be like, the IU Health Methodist Hospital staff will work with you and your birth plan providing flexible options throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

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