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young women drinking Palcohol. Powdered alcohol. Convenient for hikers, kayakers, anywhere where weight is an issue, but could the very convenience it brings increase risk of alcohol poisoning and under age drinking?

These appear to be the challenges that Lipsmark, the company that makes Palcohol and Mark Phillips, the company president are now facing.

In a recent interview, the president noted that he came up with the idea for use in hiking and wanting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage when the day is done. One of the Rum, Vodka, Cosmopolitan or Powderita packets apparently has as much alcohol as a typical drink. The prevalent video shows Mr. Phillips reconstituting a packet, then pouring a drink.

Concerns arose in the media and from legislators almost immediately. Colorado and several other states banned the product. Approval for the product apparently has been reversed.

This editor immediately had the caution reaction, noting that the recently released Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, Update on Alcohol helps people understand how to drink safely and avoid interactions, but that the book didn’t contain Palcohol data (except in the sense of a standard drink and being careful of intake).

The saga of Palcohol is not over, but is apprently being reviewed. There are several cases of prescription drugs where medguides (and perhaps the Essential Guide) could be used to teach people about the product and help avoid problems. Perhaps a limitation on sales (5 packets at a time to any single person) could help.

More to follow as always once new information becomes available.

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