Strengthen the integration

Strengthen the integration of marketing channels. Traditional marketing channel system, the channel members are to their own interests as a starting point, independent of their respective functions. The relationship between the existence of purely trading relationship, and little attention to the exchanges and cooperation with each other. As the market environment changes, in order to adapt to nike free its development so that the channel can operate efficiently and improve their economic benefits, we must strengthen harmonization among members, promote the development of the vertical marketing channel mode. Integrated in this new vibram five fingers marketing channel, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers must unite into one, from the previous “You, my” relationship into a “we” relationship, transaction-based activities from the previous way into a partnership based approaches. Channel system so that everyone maximize the benefits to the target, joint with the marketing, will increase its economies of scale and position in the industry, but also an important direction for future channel development. (3) to strengthen short-channel direct retail marketing model. Currently, the manufacturers in order to better their products and further expand into the market, to actively create market conditions, but also hope to acquire more wealth of market information to manufacturers to keep abreast of customer needs, which requires direct communication between manufacturers and consumers. However, for some large-scale, product diversification of nike schuhe the company, its customer base a lot, if impractical for marketing directly to consumers, therefore, reduce the channel marketing companies to take part, reduce the channel, bypassing the wholesalers direct supply Retailers can not only allow retailers to get more economic benefits, while I could get direct benefits. With the division of labor among wholesalers and retailers play down the limits, shorten the channel as possible, but for the wholesalers, the position of gradual decline, retailers operating in a way similar approach. (4) retail outlets in power, and large retail enterprises to actively nike store fight for market dominance. With the increasing living standards, increased purchasing power to promote the increasing size of the retail business, which has also become increasingly competitive. Retailers to bypass wholesalers, enjoy the manufacturers sell their products at discounted prices, but also will work with vendors on price to gain more profit as the value, but also to use their corporate strength and reputation to broaden the market, with vendors competing for market dominance status. (5) electronic marketing channels to become innovative ways of marketing channels. With the era of information technology, electronic marketing channels into the mainstream channels, which mainly refers to the use of a simple, fast way to make manufacturers of electronic communication and business via the Internet for business. As compared with traditional channels, e-commerce with the marketing of high efficiency, low cost, it can make unlimited market oriented marketing, marketing with the diversity and openness. Business e-commerce platform by reducing the distance between producers and consumers, saving a lot of experience of commodity circulation in the part, thereby reducing prices to consumers is also a great offer means to further open the space to break the limitations of traditional marketing methods, so that a channel marketing company entered a new stage

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