Babs trivial exploits

i was wondering what the hell good having an aesthetic sense does it do me… or humans? or animals?

i highly enjoy participating in speculation of evolutionary cause & effect-ity-ness. i love to jump full brain into deductive reasoning about all sorts of cause & effect relationships for all sorts of features of creatures – thinking about what probable set of circumstances in a reality in nature lead some random mutation to become advantageous and therefore prevalent… i’m not saying i am right in my speculations – but i often come up with answers satisfactory to me. so this appreciation of beauty thing has been throwing me for a loop. i have come up with no satisfactory answer. yet.

i like flowers. fuck – i love flowers! but i am lazy and ignorant in the ways of gardening. the beautiful plants that pop my head open like a starburst and just wild me out with their delicately pupil-fucking colors and shapes and the flutiness all with those crazy, whispy cartoon fingers up my nose pulling me through the air… they tend to die under my greenthumb. i accept this.

i have an amazing bush outside of my bedroom window. beautiful. these arrestingly orange flowers bloom all over it. it does great things to photons during the day. when i am in my bedroom–these semi-translucent flowers push these large orange and green wavelengths in through my windows and into my head. it is nice. if i am outside, i can watch the hyper-delicate hummingbirds all take cracks at it. it’s really good. it’s delicious.

this is, of course, when the flowers are present, which is not often. without those slender bursts of orange-red the plant itself is strictly dullsville. lacking any spectacularness in its green semi-gloss leaves.

the lack of flowers is not because it is a once a year bloomer (i am sure that there is a gardener word for this – but, yeah, with the whole i am not a gardener thing), but due to my being the only one around with the opposable thumbs during this historic drought. i just do not water that bitch often enough. not purposefully, but rather by way of lazy, forgetful procrastination. i forget to twist the tap & drag the hose over to it.

today i noticed a complete lack of the flowers that i had been enjoying so last week. it didn’t even provide what i would consider fair warning – like exponentially increasing amounts of dropped flowers or something. they all seemed to have jumped off at once.

now i have this non-spectacular plant. no hummingbirds. no delicious assault on the red/orange cones & rods. when i looked at it sitting there soaking in the sunlight, i get zero aesthetic pleasure from it. a bush.

i fetched the hose and made my higher primate paws do their clutchy twisty thing.

i did these small yet lazy-streak-breaking steps in order to regain some eye-tickling, brain-teasing, chemical-releasing beauty.

the vexing part to me is not that the plant communicated a need for water & a willingness to exchange some sort of that sweet, sweet frontal cortex pleasure if i gave it what it wanted…. no. the vexing part is that i jumped at the offer.

why!? i understand why this plantlife would be rubbing two, big leafy hands together, licking its leafy chops at the fortunate mutation in the human that creates actual urges in said human to see that the plant is kept at its healthiest. for the plant, oh my what a fine thing it must be for the walking water diverters to possess the mutation to have an near imperative to rear and provide for plant life. big thumbed wet nurses. lucky plants.

but mutation, random to be sure, does not usually become standard for a creature unless nature shows a way for the mutation to be beneficial for the creature itself. so of what benefit to humans is a sense of aesthetic appreciation of flowers? what makes that random urge worth appending to the human recipe to pass on to the next humans? what benefit to future peoples?

did the plants cultivate this in us? providing us better air filtration or soil nutrition for growing crops? or were the real food of the goods plants all pretty, pretty back long ago?

why did i, the lazy offspring of millions of generations worth of toting this predisposition for liking beauty, turn on the tap?

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