Springing forward or falling back?

With the recent time change, it is inevitable that the change of seasons is upon us. Even if Mother Nature has yet to receive the memo! “Springing forward” has such a nice ring to it, although most of us have a negative association with this because it means we are losing a precious hour of sleep on Saturday night. I encourage you to use this as a subtle reminder to not “fall back”.

March is a tough month. We’ve nearly reached the end of winter but we aren’t quite to the warmth of spring. That New Year’s resolution of being healthy and fit for 2013 is already in the rear-view mirror for some of us, but the need and desire are still very real. Use this time change as a checkpoint. Are you on track with your goals? Are you committed or simply going through the motions? If you’re where you need to be – HIGH FIVE! Stay the course. If not, make the “time change” into “change time”. Change your habits, change your routine, change it all – for the better!

Home Team Fitness is also using March as “change time”. New services are being offered, including 30-minute Express Sessions, Monthly Game Plan training (online training) and golf-specific conditioning and flexibility training, just in time for spring. I think we truly have something for everyone, with any goal and any budget.

Make sure you don’t fall back! Contact us today!

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