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Do you sit in your caravan and wish you had more space? Double the size of your caravan at a budget price – we can build you a comfortable spacious area to sit and watch television or to just relax and unwind in.  We also repair & maintain existing structures so whatever your requirements, give us a call and brighten up your life with a solid caravan annex.Tropical rooves make all the difference to the temperature inside your van during our long hot summers. They allow a breeze through to cool your van in summer and protect your roof from the ravages of sun & rain. If your van roof isn’t quite as watertight as you’d like this is a great solution. Call us for a free quote and enjoy the benefits of a cooler summer.

Is your car fading in the sun? did the last hail storm dent your pride and joy? with a custom made carport, you can protect your precious possession from the ravages of summer & winter and add real value to your home & van. Call us today, we can add a car port you can be proud of.

Do you wish you had a nice covered BBQ area to entertain friends & family? Want somewhere to sit and relax in style? We can create the perfect entertainment area designed and built to your requirements for price you can afford. Don’t delay, call us today for a quote & start enjoying the fresh air.

Perfect For the hobby farmer, if you need cool space to store fruit, vegetables and other perishables, call us today. All sizes of cool room made to order, if you’d like help and advice to get you started, contact us and we will assist you with your design. Prefer a second hand unit but don’t have the time to dismantle & transport it home? we also relocate second hand cool rooms, ensuring they go back together in perfectly. Need a hygienic preparation area? We also build any rooms out of cool room panels to your requirements.

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