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So you’ve made the switch and now comes the dirty work.  The dreaded cloth diaper laundry!

“Ew you stick poopy diapers in your washer where you wash your clothes??”


Now there are plenty of methods out there and again, I know it’s getting repetitive, but you’ll find a method that works great for you.  It may take some trial and error though.


Most people just use some sort of garbage pail and liner or wet bag.  I use a diaper genie with recycled plastic bags from the store.  They work just fine!  I just recently started solids with my little one so now I have a separate bag for poopy diapers.

What to do with Poo?

Read about it here!

Exclusively breastfed poop is water soluble and doesn’t need any extra care.  Just throw it in with all the rest of the diapers.  Any other solids can either be scraped, swished, sprayed, or plopped into the toilet and flushed away.


Now there are tons of ways to wash laundry based on preference and washer settings.  I have found that this works the best for me:

Full Cycle Cold Rinse- This is my pre-wash I like to think that this gets all the “yucky” off the diapers
Cold Wash (with about 1/4 scoop of Tide Original)
My washer has a setting for a 2nd rinse so I add it to my wash cycle to get any extra soap off.
Dry on Delicate

Some will do Wash first and then the extra rinse on the back end.  Some do Cold rinse pre-wash and Hot wash.  Do what works best for you and what’s the best energy efficient for your home.  You can always throw in an extra wash or rinse for extra smelly diapers.

I also have a section on Cloth Diaper safe detergents!


A lot of people line dry.  I use to in the beginning.  For the sake of time I started throwing them in the dryer on delicate.  If you are going to line dry you can still throw all your inserts in the dryer.  I’ve found that it takes way too long to line dry them and there’s no harm done to the absorbency or effectiveness in the dryer.  For your diapers you won’t want to do any heat higher than about medium for fear of ruining the PUL (the material that makes them waterproof).  Line drying in the sun is great for getting out stains!

Any other suggestions? Did I miss anything?

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