Myth Busting 10 Unrealistic Beliefs about Abortion Pills

Have you ever had someone frown at you for choosing medical abortion? It should come as a surprise, but unfortunately many still believe that abortion pills are unethical for different reasons. But, the fact is, all the reasons they hold against these safe pills, are a complete myth, and need major debunking. Here is how we expose the reality with globally proven statistics and scientific reasoning.

Myth 1: It Pains the Fetus, it is a Murder

Busted: Until your pregnancy has reached the 24th week, a fetus removed with Mifepristone, Misoprostol and MTP kit, does not experience any pain. This is because development absence of neocortex, where pain reception takes place until the pregnancy’s third semester. Moreover, the baby has not intact with all the organs. Thus, it is not a murder, scientifically.

Myth 2: Risk to Cervical and Breast Cancer Increases

Busted: If someone advises you not to buy abortion pills, as it will lead to breast and cervical cancer, then do not believe them. The process carried out by tablets do not involve surgeries and instruments, rather it is a simple miscarriage-like method, and does not cause cervical cancer due to absence of cervix disturbance or infection, lest breasts.

Myth 3: Cause Mental Depression and Grief

Busted: The abortion assisting Misoprostol and MTP Kit contents do not contain specialized ingredients meaning to generate grief and depression in your body. If you are confident about your decision and physically fit, then the process cannot lead to psychological problems. Medically proved, the tablets are FDA approved. They do not contain ingredients to cause psychological trauma.

Myth 4: Affect Chances of Future Pregnancies

Busted: Buy abortion pills by keeping aside all worries about not being able to get pregnant again. Neither Mifepristone nor Misoprostol and MTP Kit cause infertility. You are only making a choice of not being a mother now, but can certainly become pregnant soon, as soon as you recover from medical abortion.

Myth 5: These are Emergency Contraceptives

Busted: Well, do not buy abortions pills thinking that it will deter you from getting pregnant. Misoprostol and MTP Kit is only meant to disengage an already fertilized egg i.e. you are already pregnant. Birth control pills are those that prevent egg fertilization and not to eliminate pregnancy. Do not confuse between them.

Myth 6: Make you Inhuman, Earning you Spot in Hell

Busted: Most of the women choose Mifepristone and other abortion pills mtp kit not for recreational sake, but they have to undergo the procedure due to complications related to health, personal, social, financial etc reasons. In fact, not being able to support the baby on being born and troubling him/her would be inhuman. Who loves to get pregnant only to induce abortion for play? As already proven that fetus does not feel pain and it is not a murder, then idea about going to hell is hilarious.

Myth 7: Reduce your Life Expectancy

Busted: This is another absurd belief. Gone are the days when inappropriate means were used to conduct abortion, leading to deaths and infections. The abortion pills are not infected with any death virus. Their purpose is simple, to end early pregnancy in the most secure method with pills like Misoprostol and MTP Kit that are recognized for their quality.

Myth 8: These Can Remove the Uterus As Well

Busted: While taking abortion pills mtp kit, none of your internal organs are removed from your body. The Mifepristone only stops progesterone so that the embryo cannot grow and is eventually dispersed naturally through vaginal bleeding with dosage from Misoprostol and MTP Kit. Your uterus is safe inside your body. The procedure is not replica of the ‘Friday the 13th’ series, neither inspired by ‘Saw’ series. So, never believe such inaccurate concepts.

Myth 9: Kill your Sexual Desire

Busted: The last thing any abortion pills mtp kit would intend is to kill your sexual desire. It is possible that during the process, weakness, fatigue and bleeding create disinterest in intercourse temporarily. It is also tipped by doctors not to get intimate with partner before abortion recovery is complete. This is very genuine and normal. But, it does not terminally cause any disturbance in sexual desire.

Myth 10: You are a Looser, You could have Done Better

Busted: Do not feel like you are being a criminal, a looser when you go to buy abortion pills. You took a decision because of a reason, especially if the complications were understandable and severe. There is no point of carrying a pregnancy that poses a health risk. Not everyone abuses Misoprostol and MTP Kit because they could not handle the responsibility. Let your success and achievements speak about your life than someone’s ill opinion.

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