Many people tend to have a misconception about cancer making them relate cancer to death. Indeed, people think of death even before knowing what the real health condition of a person is. Well, this may be because cancer can affect anyone regardless of gender and age. Colon cancer is a very common disease and it is the third most common type of cancer in both sexes. In men it ranks third after prostate and lung cancer and in women after lung and breast cancer.
As the number of cancer cases continue to grow, it is important to have a positive thought in the mind that there is always a way to diagnose, treat and even avoid the illness. Awareness of the disease really matters a lot.
Colorectal cancer also known as bowel cancer (colon or rectal cancer) is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers. Though bowel cancer is considered one of the fatal types of cancer, yet everyone should understand more about the cancer and should learn how to save one’s life from it.
The article tries to makes our readers understand about colon cancer and the treatment methods available.
Colon cancer is defined as the odd cell growth that develops in a person’s colon or rectum. It normally occurs as polyps growing within the inner lining of the large intestine. It is believed that having little knowledge about certain disease will definitely harm human life. Here is few things one must be aware of about colon cancer.
Colon cancer is considered as the leading cause of death in Australia. Screening is recommended for people aged 50 and above. The process is a preventive measure that stops the case from getting worse. Inflammation and polyps are the early indicators of colon cancer and smoking is tend to increase the risk of acquiring bowel cancer. Furthermore, studies also show that a person who eats red meat which is high in fat has a higher risk of obtaining this type of fatal cancer.
The treatment methods varies depending on how advanced the cancer is. If the cancer is in early stage, then the polypscan be completely removed with the colonoscopy method. Certain polyps which cannot be removed by colonoscopy can be removed with laparoscopic surgery.
To conclude, cancer doesn’t mean death. It’s just the matter of strong positive belief towards life and awareness about what the cancer is about. The moment you discover that something abnormal going on with your body it is always better to seek advice from doctors and get the doubts clear which otherwise will be haunting your mind.
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