4 Things Every Woman Needs to Tell Her Doctor

Throughout history, women health issues have generally been put on a back burner and given little importance even in enlightened societies. Even during the past 200 years, many serious problems specific to women where dismissed as “vapors” or “hysteria”.

It is only in the 20th century that serious efforts have been taken to understand problems that are unique to women. But still, most women are not aware or don’t give enough attention to their health issues which complicates problems that can be nipped in the bud. If you want to live a healthier and long life, here are some issues you should never overlook.

1. Urinary leakage: Most women are hesitant or unwilling to talk about urinary symptoms especially urinary leakage aka incontinence. This is a common problem and about 13 million people in USA suffer from it. It can happen to women of all ages even those in their prime. Nearly six out of seven adults who face this problem are women and those who have had children are especially susceptible. So if you are frequently finding yourself suffering from urinary leaks, don’t hide that from your doctor or overlook it. It can be indication to serious ailment which however is perfectly curable if detected at an early stage.

2. Vaginal discharge or odor: About 65% of women suffer from this problem at least one time in their lives but are embarrassed to talk about it even with their doctor. Most often, in 70% cases, the odor is due to bacterial vaginosis, an ailment that occurs due to pH imbalance in the vaginal area and bacteria invasion. So if you are having fishy smell frequently in the vaginal area or seeing white discharge in large amount, don’t overlook it or use over-the-counter medicines or vaginal deodorants. All these may provide just temporary problem while the real cause will further deteriorate your health.

3. How many types of medications they are taking: Many women don’t fully disclose the number and types of pills they are taking to their doctor which can lead to serious complications. They often suppress the news that they are taking herbal preparations or illicit drugs or over the counter pills regularly. But these products can react dangerously with prescribed pills leading to fatal consequences. Women who do it most often know that they are not supposed to take these and so don’t tell in fear of their medication r prescription being cancelled.

4. Smoking and drinking: Women who regularly smoke and drink alcoholic beverages are more vulnerable to medical problems than men with same level of addictions. Women who are pregnant should especially tell their doctor the amount of drink they have on regular basis as well as the number of cigarettes they smoke. If they don’t, they put the life of their unborn child in jeopardy. For others, it may mean missing the signs or screening for lung cancer, stoke and heart disease.

Being healthy should be the prerogative of every person no matter whether you are women or men. So don’t overlook these problems anymore and be sure to talk to your doctor about them the next time you are due for checkup.

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