How Many Ways Is Smoking Cigarettes Destroying Your Body

Smoking causes smoke damage to the outside and inside out the body which can or will make the body weak. The smoke can stain your fingers and it can stain the teeth yellow. Smoking is a bad habit and it can be hard to quit because of the nicotine in the cigarettes and your body thinks that it needs to have it. Did you know that when your smoke, it can do lots of damage to the brain cells? It causes lung cancer and lung disease which can kill you.

Lots of people call smoking the silent killer. Cigarettes are referred to as death sticks or cancer sticks because that is what they really are. It can make you smell gross like an ash tray or a cigarette butt, people can smell it on your clothes and on your breathe. It can damage the teeth and the gums in the mouth. You can go online to see what it can look like and how bad the damage can be if you keep smoking. Millions of people die from smoking every year and thousands of others suffer from it because it is in the process of harming their bodies. Did you know that smoking can cause birth effects and low birth weight in unborn babies?

It also can cause nerve damage to your unborn baby as well, which can affect them all of their life. Any smoker will tell you that they wish they have never started and they will tell you to not start. It can cause you to cough all the time and it will make you feel like your throat is dry, which can make your voice sound raspy. Many young people start smoking because they think it is cool, but it is not. During the teenage years is when many people become addicted to cigarettes.

It can also kill taste buds on your tongue which cause you to not be able to taste the true flavor of food Smoking can make your body feel tired because it is affecting your organs and slowly tearing them down. Cigarettes have very dangerous chemicals that get in your bodies when you smoke them and these chemicals are what does the damage and causes the cancers. Did you know that the nicotine in the cigarettes can cause depression? When you quit, your body will feel better and you will have more energy. There are no good reasons to start smoking or to continue doing it for that matter.

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