Is There A Medical Way To Determine A Rough Estimate For One To Reach Menopause?

Menopause is not an illness, but rather a natural aging process during which a woman’s estrogen levels drop. Menopause does not occur suddenly, but usually takes up to four years. Menopause can cause uncomfortable symptoms from the estrogen and progesterone levels. The ages of forty-five to fifty-five are the typical ages of the onset of […]

Cause Of Hair Loss – A Comprehensive 13 Point Checklist

There may not be a single cause of hair loss in many cases but rather a number of factors may contribute to thinning or losing hair. The following 13 point checklist will help you identify which causes of hair loss may apply in your case. But first a word about hair growth cycles. Hair Growth […]

Cancer In Dogs Symptoms – Facts You Should Know About

Are you a dog owner who is seeking information about cancer in dogs symptoms.? Are you looking for answers to questions such as these?Are all dog cancers terminal? What symptoms do I look for? Is cancer in dogs preventable? Can my pet survive if diagnosed with cancer? What treatments & therapies work? And without doubt […]

How Many Ways Is Smoking Cigarettes Destroying Your Body

Smoking causes smoke damage to the outside and inside out the body which can or will make the body weak. The smoke can stain your fingers and it can stain the teeth yellow. Smoking is a bad habit and it can be hard to quit because of the nicotine in the cigarettes and your body […]

Dental Hygiene – Most Crucial Disciplines of Dentistry

Improving a patient’s dental hygiene is the most crucial disciplines of dentistry. Integrity Dental strives to teach patients, and the public about good dental hygiene and the benefits it has. While you may think that tooth decay is the worst problem you could face with poor dental hygiene, this information is to show you that […]

4 Things Every Woman Needs to Tell Her Doctor

Throughout history, women health issues have generally been put on a back burner and given little importance even in enlightened societies. Even during the past 200 years, many serious problems specific to women where dismissed as “vapors” or “hysteria”. It is only in the 20th century that serious efforts have been taken to understand problems […]

How To Cure Chronic Constipation And Improve Digestion Process?

Constipation and painful defecation is a serious medical condition. Unfortunately people don’t take it seriously and who is suffering from constipation often becomes a subject of mockery. There is some life threatening severities associated with constipation, so always try to improve digestion process and keep bowel movements regular to avoid constipation. If you want to […]

The Ongoing Fight Against Cancer

When it comes to life insurance, cancer is, quite literally, the biggest killer. Payments are made very day for people who either have critical illness cover that envelopes cancer or a family life insurance claim is made for someone who has lost their battle with cancer. Research is being carried out constantly in the battle […]


Many people tend to have a misconception about cancer making them relate cancer to death. Indeed, people think of death even before knowing what the real health condition of a person is. Well, this may be because cancer can affect anyone regardless of gender and age. Colon cancer is a very common disease and it […]