CLEANING EXPERTS: The BEST WAY to remove odor from clothes without washing them – ViraHealth

But, in the moment you put on your shirt you realized that you selected the smelly one.

Do not worry, this simple trick will help you with you smelly clothes in just 5 minutes.

During partying in a smoky club your clothing picks up the smell of cigarettes and you are sweating from so much dancing. Therefore, you wear the shirt just one time and then you put it in the washing machine. But so much washing can ruin the color of your favorite dress.

Luckily, there’s a trick that really works and it’s VODKA. All you need to do is pour it into a sprayer bottle and spray your clothes after wearing them. The smell of the clothes is gone when the vodka is fully evaporated.

This technique comes from Broadway – the actors use it for their costumes.

“Actors are sweating each night in their costumes, but they can’t sent the costumes to dry cleaning every day, so after the show they spray vodka.” – revealed Leslie Ricard, a cleaning expert.