Middle East and Africa Melanoma Diagnostics and Therapeutics Market

The Middle East & Africa melanoma diagnostics and therapeutics market was valued at USD 66 million in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 147 million by 2020.

Melanoma is one of the serious types of skin cancer that develops from pigment-containing cells called melanocytes. The market for melanoma diagnostics and therapeutics is increasing at a significant rate due to an increase in the prevalence of melanoma and improvement in healthcare facilities. In addition, government initiatives and technical advancements boost the market growth.

The market for melanoma can be segmented based on:

Superficial spreading melanoma
Nodular melanoma
Lentigno maligna melanoma
Acral lentiginous melanoma
Amelanotic melanoma
Cutaneous malignant melanoma
Melanoma of vulva
Vaginal melanoma or melanoma of black passage
Cancer Stage
Stage 0
Stage I
Stage II
Stage III
Stage IV
Sentinel lymph node biopsy
Blood tests
CT scan
Treatment for early stage melanoma
Surgery (Excision and Mohs surgery)
Treatment for advanced stage melanoma
Biological therapy
Targeted therapy
Immune therapy
Geographical regions.
Abbott Diagnostics, Agilent Technologies, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Sanofi, Qiagen N.V. Company and Teva Pharmaceuticals to name a few, are the key players of this market.


Increase in melanoma incident cases
Approval and uptake of premium-priced products
Effective immunotherapies
Label extension of current therapies into the new settings
Government initiatives

Lack of awareness in some developing regions
High cost associated with the therapy
Economic crisis
Regulatory issues

The report will be useful in gaining an exhaustive understanding of the regional market. It will also be of assistance in providing a comprehensive analysis of the major trends, innovations and associated prospects for market growth over the coming half a decade.
The report will be an ideal source material for industry consultants, manufacturers and other interested and allied parties to gain a critical insight into the factors driving and restraining the market, in addition to opportunities offered.
The report contains wide range of information about the leading market players and the major strategies adopted by them.


1) Market definition along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.

2) Market analysis with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.

3) Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on a global and regional scale.

4) Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their strategic initiatives and market shares.

5) Identification and analysis of the macro and micro factors that affect the industry on both global and regional scale.

6) A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.

Treating Depression Without Medications

Copyright (c) 2012 Embracing Depression

Depression is a disorder that disrupts the lives of its victims and renders them incapable of enjoying life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in ten American adults say that they feel depressed but the real figures are likely much higher. That’s to say nothing of American children, of whom three to eight percent are estimated to be clinically depressed. A further 20 percent of young people report feeling depressed but do not quite meet the criteria for the disorder.

While it’s perfectly normal for people to occasionally feel depressed in response to certain life events, feeling depressed for prolonged periods or for no apparent reason can be incredibly destructive. Sadly, it is on the rise and as a result, doctors have begun over-prescribing antidepressant medications. At best, these drugs work only for a short time and at worst, they don’t work at all. Furthermore, they are notorious for causing a variety of unpleasant and even dangerous side effects. For this reason, many people suffering from the disorder have begun seeking out natural ways to combat the condition. Here are some of the ways that this can be done.


Many people don’t exercise, or don’t do so enough. While exercising may seem boring or strenuous, it is a critical part of your physical and mental well-being. Physical activity releases certain brain chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin that lend themselves to mood enhancement, relaxation and feelings of contentment. Certain types of physical activity, such as weight training, also cause your body to produce greater amounts of testosterone. Higher levels of this hormone are associated with higher self-esteem and feelings of well-being.

Exercise can also alleviate symptoms in depressed people by providing a more positive body image. Many people who are overweight or obese are depressed because they feel badly about the way they look. Because physical activity results in weight loss, a negative body image can be improved.

Avoiding Sugar

It’s natural to crave sweets but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. In fact, sugar consumption has been linked to an alarming number of health problems ranging from the common cold to cancer. One problem caused by sugar that is often ignored by mainstream medical science is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Consuming large amounts of sugar, especially without adequate protein and fiber intake, results in a large spike in blood sugar that is followed closely by a sharp decline. When this happens, feelings of anxiety and unexplained sadness, as well as other symptoms, may result until blood sugar is once again stable. Because low blood sugar produces cravings for more sugar, it can result in a vicious cycle of depression. The best way to remedy this is to avoid refined sugars entirely.

Avoid Soy

Soy has been touted as a health food for many years, but new evidence is showing that it may be far less wholesome than previously believed. Soy is a potent endocrine disruptor that floods the body with estrogen and inhibits the production of essential thyroid hormones. This can support feelings of being depressed in a variety of ways. First, excess estrogen is well known to cause emotional instability and feelings of helplessness. Second, high estrogen and the inhibition of thyroid hormones make it very easy to gain weight and nearly impossible to lose it, which can result in low self esteem. Finally, estrogen drives down levels of testosterone which, particularly in men, can lead to feelings of insecurity and loss of confidence.


Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, both mental and physical. Any number or combination of nutrient deficiencies can cause you to become depressed so it’s important to take this into account when attempting to combat the disorder naturally. Avoiding processed or refined foods and sticking with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy is the best way to ensure that your nutritional needs are met. Substances like sugar and alcohol will actually flush nutrients from your body, most particularly those in the B group that are essential for mood and brain health.

What Are The Facts About Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is a common and potentially fatal type of cancer. Here are some interesting facts about lung cancer:

Lung cancer is the diagnosis of 219,000 new cases of cancer every year in the United States. Of these new cases, about 116,000 are men and 103,000 are women.

Not all people with lung cancer have a history of smoking. Exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Other causes of lung cancer include exposure to radiation, asbestos, air pollution, secondhand smoke, and scarring from tuberculosis.

As one of the most deadly types of cancer, lung cancer is responsible for over 160,000 deaths per year. Lung cancer accounts for more than twenty-eight percent of the annual cancer related deaths.

About eighty-four percent of people with lung cancer die within five years of their diagnosis. African Americans have the highest rate of lung cancer and are more likely to die from lung cancer.

Early detection is crucial for successful treatment of any type of cancer. Unfortunately, most cases of lung cancer are only diagnosed after the lung cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Even though lung cancer is a very deadly form of cancer, significantly less money is spent on lung cancer research than research for other types of cancers.

Quitting smoking reduces the person’s risk of dying from lung cancer by up to seventy percent. Though quitting smoking reduces the risk of dying from lung cancer, about fifty percent of all lung cancer occurs in people who have quit smoking.

One study showed that smokers to quit smoking decrease their lung cancer risk by one third within the first ten years. The longer a person who used to smoke has abstained from smoking, the more of their risk of smoking is reduced. If a person used to smoke of stains from smoking for more than thirty years, their risk of lung cancer is the decreased to only ten percent.

Quitting smoking , eating healthy diet, and exercising regularly are ways to help prevent lung cancer. Avoiding exposure to smoke and toxins that can cause lung cancer is considered the way to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Homeowners may want to test their homes for radon. Radon testing kits can be purchased by homeowners and allow them to conduct a test and then send the kit to the company for analysis. If the home has elevated levels of radon, corrective measures such as ventilation systems can be installed.

What Is The Natural Remedy To Avoid Foot Amputation?

Well, an amputation involves a surgical process referring to the surgical removal of whole leg or a smaller area of a lower or upper extremity.

Amputation can be undergone for following reasons:

Vascular Insufficiency

It’s the peripheral vascular disease includes the ischemic conditions of limb like:

*Atheroscelorsis and arteriosclerosis results the dry gangrene in general.

*Buerger’s disease offers the thrombosis and acute inflammation of arteries and veins in case of smokers. Hence, the hands and feet are greatly affected, which leads to minimal blood circulation, skin ulcerations and gangrene of the fingers and toes.

Congenital Limb Deficiency is a condition, when the limb becomes completely useless.

Traumatic injuries of limb during the transportation and industrial accidents.

The malignant tumor of soft tissue or bone of a cancer patient can undergo amputation.
Major Causes of Foot Amputation

The wide arrays of foot amputations are undergone because of vascular disease or vascular insufficiency (Miniman blood flow), especially in older men who smoke a lot.

When a person is suffering from atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis, the arteries present in the legs get narrowed, hardened and even blocked.

Diabetes is a disease that causes vascular insufficiency in general. Around 30 to 40% of amputations are performed in a diabetes patient. However, foot amputation is one of the serious complication of diabetes. Most often, a diabetes patient looses protective sensation and can get acute or chronic inflammation of the bone and its entire structures.

When there is a narrowing or hardening of the arteries, it’s quite common to get the gangrene and amputation may be the only option.

If it’s left untreated, the infection of a patient can be increased and even take the life of that particular person. If amputation can’t be done, then no doubt, gangrene can become fatal.

How To Avoid Amputation Naturally?

Clear-G Formula is a completely natural solution supporting healthy blood circulation and is proved out to be a natural remedy to avoid foot amputation. The intake of this medication can offer superior concentrations of anti-oxidants, chelated minerals, trace minerals, digestive enzymes and vitamins in order to enhance the blood flow rate. In simple words, Clear-G Formula does not aim to destroy gangrene, but it can help to eliminate its root cause.

Benefits Of Taking Clear-G Formula Supplement

Reduces the dysfunction of endothelium

Overcomes the peripheral vascular insufficiency by increasing blood circulation rate in the wounded areas.

Supports vasodilatation

Improves the ability for collaterals development, especially new, small blood vessels in the wounded areas.

Delivers nutrient-dense, oxygen-rich blood to the affected areas

Produces the growth factors the infection of gangrenous tissues
At the end, if you need a speedy recovery from the infection of gangrenous tissues or peripheral vascular deficiency, then you should consider an intake of Clear-G Formula to avoid foot amputation in a natural way!

Symptoms Of Dry Macular Degeneration And Healthy Eye Tips For Its Prevention

When we are young we do lots of things to look nice. We wear branded clothes, use variety of things to look stylish and unique from others. We take care of fashion and our style, but we forget that all these things get wasted if our health is not perfect. To enjoy life proper health is must. In young age we do not care about health we thought that we are healthy and nothing can happen to us. Here we are wrong if we give attention towards our health in younger age that will give us benefit in older age.

Eye health is one of the most important thing that we have to take care, as eyes are one of most crucial and sensitive part of our body. We do not care about something precious until we loose it. In USA these days main threats to one’s vision is cataract and macular degeneration. Macular degeneration attacks human eyes in two ways that is dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. Dry macular degeneration also known as atrophic form of macular degeneration. In this form yellowish material called debris is started collecting in retina. It is carried by blood vessels who carries nutrients into retina. Till now researches are carried out to prevent macular degeneration and to know the main causes for macular degeneration.

The causes given by different researches are environment factor, dietary factor or due to inadequate blood flow to macula. Dry macular degeneration occurs in three stages in one eye or in both eyes. In early stage there is few yellowish deposit in retina of eye. In Intermediate stage symptoms are you feel blind spots in central vision. In advance stage there is break down of light cells in macula. In advance stage there is more danger of losing central vision completely.

So as we see how dangerous macular degeneration can be for eyes its better to take precautions and follow tips for healthy eyes in younger age to remain healthy. We can start with eating fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins good for eye health. Lutien and zeaxanthin are to important components that are not produced by our body but essential for eye health to keep macular degeneration away. Taking diet properly can save you from this dangerous disease when you reach older age.

For dry eyes fish oil also helps and fish oil is used in eye vitamins. With benefits of fish oil for eyes, it has also other benefits against diseases like cancer, hardening of arteries, skin disorder and bipolar disorder and also helps in stroke prevention. Eating fish and taking fish oil supplements will improve the quality of your life.

3 Breast Cancer Treatments Explained

Around 44,500 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Although the exact cause is still unknown, we know that it begins when the breast tissues start to multiply in a rapid and uncontrolled way. The symptoms of this type of cancer are often difficult to identify but fortunately there are a number of tests your doctor can perform. In this article I will be discussing three of these tests.

1) PHYSICAL INSPECTION:- This is usually the first breast cancer test your doctor will perform. Although most lumps can be found during self examination there are certain abnormalities you may not notice. A trained doctor who has experience examining breasts for signs of cancer is much more likely to spot any of these abnormalities that you may have missed. If they do notice anything they will then be able to recommend further tests.

2) MAMMOGRAM:- This is an x-ray for the breasts. It is very useful for identifying any abnormalities in the breast such as lumps or calcium deposits. These abnormalities may turn out to be early signs of breast cancer so a mammogram is a good way to detect any early warning signs. However, it cannot be used to determine whether these abnormalities are cancerous so if your doctor does notice anything during the mammogram they may call you back for further testing.

3) FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY (FNAC):- This breast cancer test involves inserting a fine needle into any lumps or abnormalities that your doctor has discovered. They will then be able to to determine whether the lump contains fluid (and is therefore non-cancerous) or is solid (and therefore potentially cancerous). If the lump is solid the needle will allow your doctor to extract some of the cells for further examination under the microscope. This examination will then reveal whether or not the cells are cancerous.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types in the UK and can prove fatal if it is ignored. However, when identified early it is usually very treatable. If you notice anything different about your breasts then it is better to be safe than sorry. Go see your doctor and get yourself tested right away. It could be a crucial step towards combating this type of cancer.

Whilst every intention has been made to make this article accurate and informative, it is intended for general information only. Breast cancer is a very serious, life threatening condition and you should discuss any concerns, treatments or lifestyle changes fully with your doctor.

Secretions May Be To Blame ForHearing Loss In Vestibular Schwannoma

Vestibular schwannoma is a relatively rare condition that can cause hearing loss. This condition, which causes benign growths, is associated with hearing loss in some patients. While the source of the hearing loss has long been thought to be related to compression alone, a new study is suggesting that secretions from the tumors themselves may be to blame. This finding, in turn, may someday lead to better treatments to preserve hearing.

Vestibular schwannoma is a tumor-causing condition that is very uncommon. An estimated 10 people per 1 million are diagnosed with the condition in the United States each year. People over the age of 40 are most likely to be diagnosed. This condition is considered sporadic in most cases, meaning it isn’t passed along through genes. The tumors associated with the condition tend to be very slow growing and may not even grow at all once they appear. Since tumor growth is not predictable, however, careful monitoring may be required. Depending on the nature of the tumor, treatment may include such options as monitoring, surgery or radiation.

While it has long been thought that vestibular schwannoma caused hearing loss due to pressure the tumors created on the structures found within the ear, the new findings show that toxic secretions from the tumors themselves may be to blame. Researchers say this tracks with how hearing loss tends to present in patients with the condition. Some patients with small tumors, for example, may suffer severe hearing loss while those with large tumors may not always suffer hearing loss. That said, researchers do acknowledge, that some large tumors may cause serious compression issues that could produce facial nerve paralysis and brain stem progression in some instances.

The study that points to possible toxic secretions involved 13 patients. Each had hearing loss to one degree or another. Secretions from tumors were collected from each of the patients and applied to mouse cochlea with the damage studied. The results were eye opening about the role the secretions may play.

While the study may lead to future breakthroughs in the treatment of vestibular schwannoma, these could remain much further down the road. Larger-scale studies are also needed to confirm the findings.

People who suffer unexplained hearing loss, a loss of balance or issues with tinnitus should be checked out by a medical professional. These symptoms are among the most common associated with vestibular schwannoma. Should this condition be diagnosed, the best form of treatment will depend on the severity of the tumors and concerns about potential side effects.

Protein, Nutrition and Food Allergies

There are many people who have either food allergies or food sensitivities. Some also develop a food aversion; however this is a physiological disorder than a physical one. Food allergies affect 2-8% of all children and nearly 2% of all adults. Most will have more than one food allergy at a time (Source: Nutrition MD).

The most common allergy is to milk and milk products with about 2.5 % of the population having some level of this allergy. While this one might be outgrown eventually, other food allergies, such as peanuts and shellfish (both of which can be fatal) may not be (Source: Roizen, MD and Oz, MD 2006).

The most common food allergies result from: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish and shellfish.

There is a difference between food allergy and food sensitivity: an allergy involves the immune system while the sensitivity does not. With a food allergy, the immune system reacts to a compound in the food, typically a protein and the antibodies react and cause a number of different symptoms which include: bloating, headaches, hives, or diarrhea.

Testing for food allergies can be difficult, but can also be necessary to find the offending culprit. Using the elimination diet can be helpful, but it can often take three of four weeks to recognize the offending food or food group that is causing the problems. Wheat products, which include rye, barley, and oats, should be the first to eliminate and check for improvement. It should then be dairy products, refined sugars, saturated and/or trans fats, and artificial colors or flavors. After the food has been excluded from the diet for at least ten days, reintroduce it to see if there is any further reaction. Only introduce one food at a time every four days, so that you are sure of which food is the culprit and which is not. It is beneficial to keep a food diary as well.

Food allergies can cause or worsen many common medical conditions as well. These include: anemia, high blood pressure, fatigue, eczema, asthma, migraines, ear infections, sinusitis, hearing loss, thyroid disease, hay fever, fibrocystic breast disease, kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, gall bladder disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and heartburn (Source: Gottlieb, 2000).

Not all food allergies are so severe that they cause immediate reactions. Some may take as long as three days to cause symptoms that may or may not be related to the food. Some food allergies however can be so severe that they are immediately life threatening.

There is a test that can check for allergies to up to one hundred foods, however the elimination diet should still be used. In addition to allergies that occur because of genetics or other factors, there is a chance of developing food allergies because the same food is being eaten far too often, so experts suggest that each food is only eaten once every four days with the emphasis on natural foods that are chemical free and as natural as possible. Most people with food allergies or sensitivities are also allergic to chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Avoiding Allergens While Living Healthy

Of course, if a food is going to make you bloated or ill, you will avoid it, however if you do not know what is making the symptoms happen, you will have a hard time choosing healthy foods that will still allow you to be allergy free. Some of the healthiest food suggestions may also be some of the most problematic. After finding out what foods are triggers, you can learn to deal with them correctly.

A healthy diet must be balanced and for those who have food allergies, there might need to be some foods or entire food groups that will need to be substituted for. Milk is one of the easiest foods to substitute, in cooking and for other purposes. For those who are allergic to milk, whey protein may also be off limits. Soy and eggs are also common allergens, leaving rice protein powders as a viable substitute that can be used in the diet in their place. Rice protein is hypoallergenic and can be used to supplement the foods that you can still eat. Rice milk can be used in place of cow or soy milk, for instance.

A soy allergy eliminates a number of food types, including soy milk, of course, tofu, miso, and tempeh. Soy protein is also used as a filler material for a number of processed foods, so always read labels carefully and learn what the ingredients mean.

Proasis from Protica is the first all natural liquid protein supplement that can be used in the diet of those with food allergies. It is both cold and heat stable allowing it to be able to be boiled or frozen. It is preservative free, lactose free, aspartame free, egg free, yeast, wheat, and gluten free. In addition, Proasis is cholesterol and fat free, stimulant free, and is low in sodium. It comes in a number of fruit based flavors.

Profect, another supplement from Protica, the makers of Proasis, is a 25 gram protein supplement shot that can be consumed in only a few seconds. It is only 100 calories per serving with zero fats and zero carbohydrates. In addition to the 25 gram version, there are several other sizes available (50 gram and 200 gram bottles) and a number of fruit based flavors. Flavors include: Passion Fruit, Orange Pineapple, Ruby melon Twist, Fuzzy Peach Nectar, Blue Raspberry Swirl, Grapefruit Mango, Fresh Citrus Berry and Cool Melon Splash.

Sensitivities and Lesser Intolerances

Those who do not have full blown allergies may be able to tolerate some of the known allergens, however it is important to make sure that if you are adding them to the diet that you watch for signs of progression from one to the other. Remember, allergies involve the immune system, sensitivities and intolerances do not. People who are sensitive to some foods should consider using the isolate version of protein supplements like whey and soy, rather than the concentrate. Whey isolate has less lactose than the whey concentrate so it may be more easily tolerated.

Other Food Considerations

Because chemicals, food additives, and artificial colors can be major causes of allergies, it is important to eat foods that are as close to nature as possible. In addition to making sure that there are no ingredients listed that might cause problems, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and organic meats and eggs, if you are able to eat them. If the problem is with preservatives or the processing, eating a raw food diet may be beneficial as well. It is a common myth that a vegan or vegetarian diet is deficient in protein, however as long as the diet is varied, there is more than enough calories and nutrients to be considered healthy. (Source: The Vegetarian Society)

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2002 ford e-150

845 N. Easton Rd.,
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18902 —

2002 Ford E-150 Used




Engine: V-8cyl Exterior Color: True Blue
Price: 6,971 Make: Ford
VIN: 1FDRE14L82HB01239 Body type: Van Regular
Transmission: Automatic Model: E-150
Year: 2002 Mileage: 75445
Condition: Used Stock No: C00297P
•  Air conditioning
•  Voltmeter
•  Tilt steering wheel
•  ABS brakes
•  AM/FM radio
•  Dual front impact airbags
•  Driver seat mounted armrest
•  Speakers: 2
•  Passenger seat mounted armrest
•  Front cupholders
•  Front bucket seats
•  Variably intermittent wipers


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